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Massive respect goes out to...

Technic's for the SL1200's, the SL1210's and the beautiful Ltd Edition Gold SL's which I am the proud owner of.  To Roland for the MV-8800 Production Studio, Access Music GmbH for the awesome Access Virus TI Synthesiser, Alistair (Voodoo) Reeves for the inspiration and Carlsberg for the nights of Special Brew madness, it caused many an argument but the brew shall be remembered! 

To Adam Sandler for Happy Gilmour, Zohan, The Waterboy and many other quality films!  To Danny Dyer for The Football Factory, The Other Half, The Business and for being a f@@king legend!  To Top Gear, X-Factor, Hollyoaks, Airwolf, Nightrider and The A-Team for being some the best TV programs ever made! 

To Sonic The Hedgehog, Golden Axe and Streets Of Rage on the Sega Megadrive console.  Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider on The Sony Playstation and to Super Mario and Donkey Kong on The Nintendo 64.

To Ex-girlfriends for simply putting up with me, special respect going out to the couple that managed to stick around for more than a week, there must have been something seriously wrong in your heads!  :)

To having money, food and drink on the table and of course to God for supplying the planet with a marvellous substance known to many as 'air', I simply couldn't have made it through life without you!

To Walkers Smiths for Monster Munch Crisps, always loved the Pickled Onion and the Roast Beef flavours, though I especially love the Flaming Hot bags!  Bring back the awesome Salt and Vinegar flavour bags which you used to make and PLEASE stop only filling the bags half way, its wrong on so many levels! 

To Akbars Restaurant on Greek Street in Leeds, the Nawaab Restaurant at Tong, Bradford and to Aakash in Cleckheaton, Bradford.  They serve the very best curry's and starters in the world!   To Pakeezah Asian Supermarket, Ingleby Road, Bradford for also helping to ease my Asian food cravings!!!  Awesome starters!

To BMW for the 335i M Sport Coupe which I own and love, however can barely afford to put petrol in it these days.  To Aston Martin for the DB9 and to Lamborghini for the Gallardo, both of which I will probably never ever own but none the less they require a shout out!

To all of the awesome DJ's and music producers around the world.  Sorry there's far too many to mention but in particular, to Tiesto, Corsten, Van Dyk & Oakenfold for many late nights and hangovers!  Real music makers and the pioneers of trance music! 

To Mum for buying me my very first Technic's turntable, it's just a shame you couldn't afford to buy me a second turntable and also a mixer to go with it as I would have learnt how to mix far quicker.  Mind you, though I couldn't use the deck at the time, it did make a nice ornament! 

To lions, tigers and bears.  To sheep, to otters and pigeons and to all the fluffy creatures like gerbils, guinea pigs, mice and hamsters.  Oh and of course, I nearly forget for  a moment, last but certainly not least to Wreeeeeeakin Steve for making me famous!

Absolutely no respect goes out to...

My Mum for whining constantly about her pension.  It's your own fault and nobody else's, so get over it! 

To Microsoft for the "plug and play" that never works.  To Microsoft for f@@king with you nearly every time you log on to your computer.  To Microsoft yet again for spying on us and reporting everything back to the American government, wasters!

To Daihatsu for manufacturing the Daiahtsu Shoe and just being a really crap car manufacturer!  Come back Lada all is forgiven.

To ugly Yellow Gatso Cameras for costing the public millions of pounds each and every year and for causing even more accidents, rather than actually preventing them!

To Cats for fowling in my garden pots and for digging up my daffs and finally to my neighbours for actually owning cats and allowing the skaggy things to fowl everywhere!  I absolutely hate cats, nasty things!