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Book a DJ for a special occasion - £100.00 to £300.00

(Depending on the time-scale involved and the travel costs etc)

We provide professional mobile DJ's, Discos, PA Systems and Lighting to hire for Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Parties and other similar functions in and around the Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, York, Harrogate, Oldham, Rochdale area.  If you are located somewhere on the map below we should be able to cater for your needs.  If your venue is not on this map it does not mean that we wont be in a position to discuss things further, we would endeavour to assist wherever humanly possibly though additional costs will be involved.

See www.djbeat.co.uk for more details!

Below you can see how good just 4 of these lights are, even without a smoke machine! 

Below you can see how amazing the same 4 lights are, when used with a smoke machine!

Below you can view the same lights, plus our laser running with our smoke machine! 

Remixing - £60.00 per track

 Do you want your track remixed to add that edge or extra choice?  Maybe you are so close to a big tune but seem to have hit a brick wall and cannot quite finish it all off? 

A standard remix following receipt of your Wav samples etc on a CD will cost £20 plus the mastering charge of £40.

See www.djbeat.co.uk for more details!

Mastering - £40.00 per track

You will receive 2 versions of the final master so as to offer you a differing sound/style to choose between.  Where a tune needs to be mixed-down a few times or the graphics/overall sound needs some serious tweaking, an additional £10.00 per hour for lengthy/awkward jobs will be required.  All the costs will be agreed beforehand following the receipt of your CD.

See www.djbeat.co.uk for more details!

DJ'ing/Mixing Lessons - £20.00 per hour

First lesson is 2 hours for the price of 1!  (I can do home visits, please phone to discuss)

Services are to be conducted within a 30 mile radius of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

Learn to mix the DJBeat way!  Over the last 20 years I have taught many people how to mix-it-up on the wheels of steel, this includes many girls who to be totally honest, picked it up way faster than most of the guys did.  

There's a trick to learning quickly and I know what it is!  Want me to share it with you?  10 lessons and you will be mixing like a pro, well, either that or you are actually tone deaf and/or have no rhythm whatsoever!  

I can show you on MP3's CD's or Vinyl, though Vinyl is the best way to learn and also the most fun. 

You can choose your house if you do own, or mine if you don't own any decks, or I can show you with an MP3 PC suite which is portable. 

Most people come to my home to learn as we are able to crank up the volume and of course the room is full of mixing and production equipment so it seems the most sensible way to conduct the lessons.   

I offer a range of courses, from beginner to advanced.  One-to-one mixing courses that are constructed around your own abilities in a productive, friendly and easy to understand way, I will include as many items/techniques as your own individual abilities will allow. 

The courses are one-to-one ensuring complete attention and expert guidance from the tutorial.

I only use the very best industry standard equipment from manufacturers like Technics, Denon, Pioneer, Sure, Roland and so on. 

Music Production is my more recent musical adventure, though mixing and playing clubs has been with me for 2 decades and I am certainly no amateur, this you soon will find out when we meet. 

The choice of music I have available is vast, from House to Trance, from Techno to Oldskool, from Hard House to Happy Hardcore, there will certainly be many tunes you will know and recognise which are played. 

See www.djbeat.co.uk for more details!

Music Production Lessons - £20.00 per hour

First lesson is 2 hours for the price of 1!  Don't worry if you do not own any Hardware, a PC or any software quite yet as I can teach the basic tools/techniques etc present/used in most common programs from a portable Production Studio with a built in Sequencer, 8 Track Recorder, Sampler and on board Mastering Suite etc. 

Please note, the lessons are designed and aimed at in-experienced people to help them get off the ground and learn the basic skills and techniques needed to produce good sounding tuneage. 

Let me know what stage you are at, which programs you are using/want to use and I will advise where, if anywhere, I may be able to assist you? 

Most people with a basic understanding can get to grips with it all within about 5 to 10 lessons. 

Around 8 years ago, someone showed me the basics after I had been struggling to produce anything half decent and then "bingo", things all started coming together! 

Most of my tunes were made in under a week.  Generally I knock a track together in around 3 days and then spend another couple of days ironing it out and blending it all together, once this has been completed I tweak the graphics and bounce it all down.  The finishing touches usually take another couple of hours where I pop it through the mastering suite to complete the process.

See www.djbeat.co.uk for more details! 

Studio Time - From £15.00 per hour

(Home studio available for hire)  Studio hire can be very costly indeed and is not always affordable to everyone, therefore why not keep you money outlay to an absolute minimum and lay down your vocals or record your instruments in a small budget home studio?

This studio is perfectly suitable for singers or single instrument players, like keyboard, violin or guitar etc. 

Backing tracks can be created/supplied at an additional cost which will be discussed and agreed prior to starting recording.  Alternatively, you can supply your own backing track or we can play a metronome sound, a rhythm or a beat of some kind at your chosen tempo to help you synchronise your timing with. 

The vocals can be compressed, effected with reverb, delay and echos etc, either prior to laying down the recording or can be added afterwards to obtain the desired sound, this is simply your own choice. 

Items like headphones, keyboards and microphones etc are all available to use, though it is best to phone us before and to discuss your own individual requirements prior to, or when booking a slot. 

You can bring a PC USB dongal to copy the stems to or we can simply zip and email them to you, upload them to the web on a secure download link, drop-box them to you, or copy them onto a DVD or CD image and post them. 

To provide a sample of the studios capabilities, we can confirm that all but a small few of the tracks featured on the DJBeat website were actually created in this home studio.  We can also confirm that many of the vocal stems were created here as well, to name just a couple... MV Infection, Don't Ask Me, Your Love & Eternity. 

The studio can be booked during the day from 10:00am until 4:00pm at £15.00 per hour or on weekends and evenings for £20.00 per hour.  Evening slots can be booked between 4:00pm and 9:00pm and slots are available on Saturday's and Sunday's from 11:00am until 6:00pm.

See www.djbeat.co.uk for more details!

Budget Websites - 1st Year - From £50.00

(Services include not only the design but also the management of the site)  A website will open new opportunities for your business, it also makes you out to be a professional company in comparison to a competitor who does not have a website. 

You decide upon what goes on your site, the writing, the photographs and other content and the whole process from start to finish can be completed in under 48 hours if required. 

Prices start at just £50.00 and this includes your first years domain name registration also.

Renewal rates will be totally dependant upon the actual workload involved, however start from just £25.00.

See www.djbeat.co.uk for more details!

The equipment used when creating music, samples or teaching

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